"I was not able to breastfeed after the birth of our baby boy. The evening after we got home from the hospital, I became totally engorged and was in extreme pain. I called Toronto Public Health, Tele-Health, the hospital, two breastfeeding clinics, Toronto Midwives, etc – however I was unable to get any support because it was a long weekend. By complete luck, I was given Helen's contact information. I called her and she kindly came over to our house that afternoon. She worked with us that day and for several weeks afterwards. She was helpful, kind and very encouraging (plus non-judgmental). I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found her. I highly recommend Helen."
- Tracy

"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support before and after Ozzy's arrival. We can't express what a help it was to know we had you on our side."
- Lisa

"Helen's patience, commitment and understanding towards me reaching my breastfeeding ideals has been outstanding. Through the challenges I've faced with this breastfeeding experience I've had constant support. Thank you Helen."
- Paula

"I found Helen's website during a middle-of-the-night panic over the Christmas holidays. I emailed her at 4 am to see if she could help us with our little guy. She emailed me before I got up the next morning and said she could come right away. She immediately diagnosed our son with a tongue tie and facilitated an appointment with a pediatrician straight away. Helen not only provided us with quick, frequent, thorough and caring help, but she was by our side the whole way through our myriad of issues. She met us at the pediatrician's office multiple times and provided much needed support - she really made us not feel alone. She was so positive and confident that we would figure everything out and eventually enjoy the breastfeeding experience. I am here to say that my little boy is thriving and we are loving our bonding breastfeeding time together now. No tears! We thank Helen for pointing us in the right direction and for coaching us through it all - we couldn't have done it without her. She is a wonderful and caring soul and we would recommend her a thousand times over!"
- Natalia, Tyler and little Sullivan

"Helen is phenomenal! Our son was slow to gain weight and we were exhausted. Helen helped to reassure us that we were on the right track but that for some families, breastfeeding requires a little more support and few more resources to make it work well. Helen got to know our family and our son Sean. She is all about seeing the whole picture! We could feel her love for our baby and we could feel her love and support for us, as parents, as well. Helen’s recommendations were backed by research. She educated us in the process. She was always thoughtful and kind. Even when we got our milk supply and latch sorted out Helen was still there as a support to this new mom (who was feeling rather emotional and neurotic). She was there to listen, support and encourage. We highly recommend Helen! She’s amazing!"
- Candi

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise with me, which enabled us to diagnose Jackson and fix the problem."
- Lindsay