Helen trained with Dr. Jack Newman

Breastfeeding Services

Your private consultation will help you achieve your own breastfeeding goals. Consults are conducted with detailed clinical notes and care plans developed specifically for you and your needs.

Consultations can be arranged at your home, or in clinic. Consultation fees >>

To make an appointment or to simply ask a question, please feel free to contact me here

Prenatal appointments
Individual or small group classes to help you and your partner learn more about breastfeeding.

Topics covered will include:
  • How breastfeeding works
  • Good positioning and latch
  • How birth practices can affect breastfeeding
  • Expression and safe milk storage
  • Normal feeding patterns
  • How you can help prevent problems

Postnatal appointments
You will be supported through any breastfeeding challenges such as:
  • Latching / Positioning
  • Sore nipples and breast pain
  • Mastitis and blocked ducts
  • Candida in the breast
  • Breast refusal
  • Weight concerns
  • Assessing milk transfer
  • Low milk supply / Supplementing
  • Tongue Tie assessment
  • Breastfeeding after breast reduction and augmentation
  • Re-lactation
  • Breastfeeding an adopted baby
  • Feeding twins or multiples
  • Expressing
  • Returning to work
  • Feeding in public places
  • Feeding issues in older babies

To make an appointment or to simply ask a question please feel free to contact me here


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